Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Patty-cake, patty-cake

Nurse Nina says Heather's test results should be available in a few days.  I still assume they'll show her body to be pure and exceptionally ready to support pregnancy, but I can't help but be curious to see if something unusual pops up.  When I heard a fizzing in my neck (you know how sometimes you hear things in your own head, like a different chewing sound from what other people hear?), I brought it up to my psychiatrist, who was concerned I thought I had a snake in my brain-- surprising me as I considered what her other patients were like.  I said that, no, I thought I might have a tumor and that removing it would completely solve any chemical issues in my head.  I thought that when I had migraines, too.  Nada.  Anyway, I would like them to say, "Oh, Heather needs to take three vitamin C pills and the baby will manifest itself without insemination."

Heather's also due for her period in the next few days, which not only means she'll be going in for another blood test, but also that we need to get serious in selecting our second donor so we can get going on shooting a new batch of sperm into her reproductive organs.  The process is no more compelling this time through than the last time: the donors are the same, our reactions to them are the same, and my affection for the donor who asks that we not use child leashes is the same.  I love that guy.

Miss Heather's theory is to use three vials this time.  It's impractical, I guess, and I'm sure there are those who would think it's a waste of money, especially since we haven't gone through two months of blood tests, but then again we have about two days of prime fertility and our chances have to be better if there's a lot of sperm for her ovaries to choose from.  If not, fuck you, because it rarely feels like we have control over anything in this process, and throwing money/sperm at the issue is all we know to do.

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