Monday, May 2, 2011

Halfway there: the one-week-wait

We've made it a week.  I'm proud and delighted we made it this far, although we haven't had a choice in the matter.  There's nothing we can do about the situation other than try to ignore it.  It's doing something that would be a failure. 
Here are some things that we did not do in our first week's wait.

  • I did not, when cleaning up the guest room, bring the super-early-detection pregnancy tests I discovered to Heather's attention and joke that we should try them out.  I did not make meaningful eye contact letting her know that I would be totally open to not-joking about it.
  • I did not, under the duress that is extreme Internet fatigue, turn to my Amazon baby registry and start adding to it.  Even though they probably have new baby things that I've never even heard about.
  • We did not say our chosen baby names aloud.
  • We did not lend any special significance to our usual jokes about what a high-maintenance pregnant woman Heather is likely to be.  Babe, I'm not going to spontaneously make you coffee now-- at 9:00PM-- and I'm not going to make you any coffee once you're pregnant.  It's decaf all the way, and probably from Starbucks because if I make a mess in the kitchen, it's not worth the battle that will follow.
  • I did not feel a need to hide all our remaining pregnancy tests from Heather, although it sounds like a pretty good idea now.  She's doing pretty well, but I don't know if she's ever made it the full two weeks without testing early.
Still, in my excitement about my best friend's forthcoming visit, I can't help assuming that the one hitch in the trip will be that Heather will be pregnant and we won't be able to purchase adorable-- but ABSOLUTELY FREE of Winnie the Pooh-- baby goods.  "We can't get this till she's three months along!" we'll moan, having happened upon a Super Target and subsequently on the baby department.  This is a strangely potent fantasy for me, and I'm startled at the notion that we'll be looking at shoes and purses like normal-- one can never have enough clogs, right, Sarah?-- and there won't be any cartoon characters up for debate.

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