Monday, June 4, 2012

Helpful facts

Okay, I'm sick and phlegmy, so this is going to be disjointed at best.

One, I looked up assisted hatching and found via Google some guy's explanation:

Assisted hatching is the oldest and most commonly added procedure aimed at improving an embryo’s ability to implant. Embryos must break out or hatch from their shell that has enclosed them since fertilization prior to implanting into the uterine lining. This can be performed mechanically, chemically and most recently by utilizing a laser microscopically aimed at the zona pellucidum, the shell surrounding the embryo. Assisted hatching appears to benefit patients who are older than 38 years of age and those with thick zonae.


Assisted hatching can significantly improve the chances of conception for women who have had repeated failure of embryo implantation with IVF. Assisted hatching is indicated in the following conditions:
Your embryos show evidence of having a thick or hardened zona pellucida
  • You are over the age 35 and using your own eggs
  • You who have elevated FSH levels
  • You are using frozen embryos (since the zona may be hardened as a result of cryopreservation)

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