Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh, man, oh, man: the one-day wait

I am so freaking excited.

Heather started her period two days ago.*  Her antibiotics and birth control are in their pharmacy wrapping, sitting ready on the bathroom counter, and there are approximately three things in the way of getting the ball rolling.  Then the wee icy center of the snowball will form and hopefully next May it’ll melt down to a chubby baby.
I was—blessedly?—stuck in traffic this morning, and about halfway through it occurred to me to make some use of my time, so I called Marsha in Nashville and left a message.  Then I called Dr. King’s office to confirm that they’d received the orders for tomorrow’s AMH test from Nashville.  It’s pretty hard to say what’s happening with that: the first lady said, “Um, did it come on May 11th?”  No.  No, ma’am.  “I think they faxed it to you.”  No.  “Okay, let me connect you to the records office.”

So I was reunited with my kindly nemesis.  “Yes, yes, I think something came in.  I think I put it in your file.”  Sounds of shuffling.  “I think I gave that to the lab.”  More shuffling.  “You know, what I think I did…  I think I gave it to Dr. King’s nurse.”

And then I was reunited with the nurses’ voicemail.  Let me know, I said, if you didn’t get the fax, and I can have the folks in Nashville send it again.  Heather suggested—post-traffic—that I ask them to fax an extra copy to us directly.  Lo and behold, they did not have a copy—after the records department discussion, this wasn’t much of a surprise—so we’ve got to get another one sent.  “I don’t foresee a problem,” the nice nurse said, “but it’s good to have the hard copy to put in your chart.”

It would be better if you could keep track of the papers in the first place

* Let me note that her period began on what would be Day 27.  She kept trying to argue with me—“Sometimes it starts on Day 26 and it can go till Day 30 or 31”—but I was right.  Right right right.

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