Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm about to fall asleep, but I will briefly say that we have been up since before 4am and that a nice nurse drew circles on Heather's ass cheeks with a marker.

They only got six eggs.  It's not great.  According to the handout they sent with us, they'll go forward with implantation if there's at least one embryo of four cells or more.  If they only have a few good ones, PGD will be canceled (and, hopefully, refunded) and they'll just put whatever they've got into Heather's uterus.

They plan to fertilize the six eggs via ICSI, and by tomorrow at noon we'll find out how many developed.  Meanwhile, Heather is drugged to the hilt and has collapsed with her decorated butt cheeks into bed for what I assume will be another eighteen hours.

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  1. Wish they'd gotten more eggs, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.