Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quick like a bunny

As of yesterday, we have two embryos with the desired four-or-more cells, two approaching it (all four, according to the embryologist's voicemail, are grade B), and the fifth is... grade C.

I was subsequently told by a nurse that there's no way to know whether little #5 can catch up, but a cursory web search suggested that the really slow-developing embryos were probably a little fucked-up anyhow, so perhaps that's not meant to be the object of our life's work after all.

With four-- the two "approaching" maturity, the embryologist, would probably catch up-- Heather and I are back at the question of PGD.  She is leaning heavily, I believe, towards canceling the test and just getting all the embryos we can, but I'm listing in the opposite direction.  Diseases aside, abnormal embryos are much more likely to miscarry or just not implant at all, so, yeah, maybe skipping PGD would mean we had two embryos left for a second cycle if we needed it, skipping PGD might also mean we will need it.

The lab is scheduled to do the biopsy on day four, tomorrow.  They were left instructions to call us before they did anything.   Heather and I have to decide before then.

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