Monday, August 6, 2012

Metal mouth and other auspicious symptoms.

We've got another few hours of waiting ahead of us, and it's going pretty well.  Much better than Friday, anyhow, when we knew absolutely nothing.  It was an encouraging weekend-Heather, of course, continued her daily home pregnancy tests-so we're approaching this afternoon's results with enthusiasm.  It's a big step for me and I'm hoping I won't get kicked in the stomach with bad news.

Yesterday, Heather told me her mouth had this metal taste to it and nothing made it go away.  Pregnancy symptom.  She's been drinking orange juice like a... like a citrus fish, I guess.  Yesterday she ate only the lemon-flavored sour-star candy she bought at Garden Ridge (where they wisely pack the long, long check-out line with candy of all types and where I was also called upon to carry a 15-pound ottoman because Heather is in a delicate state or maybe just lazy).  I mean, the sour stars were quite mild, but Heather isn't a fan of strong lemon flavors, so that was a pretty good sign.  She's also sleeping funny-crashing out at 9:30 or so, then waking up around 2AM, totally unable to sleep for another couple hours.  From what I can tell, she mostly spends those hours taking pregnancy tests and waking me to tell me the results.  Her mood is a little inconsistent, too, which I guess I should appreciate as a sign that she'll soon bear my child.  I don't appreciate it just yet.

I'm enjoying the fantasy very much.  My mom is, too, having so far not just hinted of Friday's results to my sister, but also a work friend and my aunt.  (I saw that my aunt asked my mom if she was "ready for grandma-hood, but didn't see the reply.)  My dad has said nary a word to me on the topic, which could be an indication that he still hasn't accepted the situation, worries that he'll inadvertently offend me, or simply doesn't know how to talk to me in general.  I continue to approach that the same way I did with getting a cat: yes, it's unauthorized, but once it's in his arms he'll mellow out.  If only Heather's hormones would allow her to do the same.

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