Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paradigm shift

Dude, we're pregnant.  We are.  Let's give the ol' fuck-you to "maybe" and "kind of" and "tentatively," because Heather has a growing embryo in her uterus and that makes her pregnant.  It's a plus-sign, a second dark line, an hCG number that increases on schedule.  Fuck it.

After yet another voicemail marathon yesterday-- "Debbie, I'm sorry, I know we just spoke, but it's 4:10 and I'm worried you guys are going to close before we get today's results"-during which I was camped out in my boss's office because I was terrified to answer incoming work calls lest I miss incoming Nashville calls, I finally spoke to Jennifer (Jordan and Martha apparently out of pocket), who said that Heather's hCG level had more than doubled, from 163 on Monday to 349 on Wednesday.  Super, right?  "We're still concerned that's a little low."  Motherfucker.  The numbers doubled like you wanted; isn't that the important part?

Jennifer elaborated that the doctor was concerned about the possibility of ectopic pregnancy because of the combination of those levels and her cramping incident on Monday.  Per Jennifer's question, I explained that Heather's cramps had gone away shortly thereafter and not reoccurred, but she didn't seem to feel any better about it.  Motherfucker.  I don't even...

She asked if we were still using the progesterone.  I said yes, that we'd just gotten a new vial that morning ($150 + $15 overnight shipping).  Good, she said; keep it up-unless it's hurting much, in which case we can discontinue.  Per Jennifer, there's no need for it at this point, but that, if there's a miscarriage, we can't help wondering if that's a cause, "just psychologically."  What?  What?  But anyhow we have it, so we're going to use it.

The conversation ended on what, for me, was kind of a sour note with the whole "numbers too low"/"ectopic pregnancy" business.  It's an interesting comment on the situation that Heather, given just raw numbers, was completely delighted, while I had already taken the kinda/sorta
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  1. Excellent that the numbers doubled! Glad to hear it. I don't understand what Jennifer means about the progesterone at all--who are these clowns running a fertility clinic? But whatever! Things are proceeding apace, it sounds like.

  2. I hope all is well for you guys. I was so happy to see your numbers go up and can't wait for another update. xo

  3. Likewise, hoping for an update with great news... my first beta test post IVF is Friday, I think that's when your first ultrasound is, correct? I'm hopeful for you!