Monday, April 8, 2013

Everlasting bullshit

Another celebrity is pregnant.

This one just had a baby.

Oh, and here's a baby bump.

And here's another baby bump.

What is up with these b*tches?  I'm told by a very reputable source that it's not cool to use that word, but I find it hard not to be hostile to my fellow womyn when they're all fucking pregnant or showing off their babies or talking about how they co-sleep.  It just feels like a slap in the face.

And I say that as someone who isn't even trying yet.  It's the idea of it, though-- the reminder that our time and money over the past several years have paid no dividends, and the profound fear that it'll go badly on this next go-round.  What will it feel like when it's my body that fails?  What will it be like to get my period instead of a plus sign? 

I mean, no kidding, of course I'm anxious to get this going.  I know how long each month is-- the wait from period to ovulation, from insemination to period-- but I don't know how long it'll feel when it's me.  Also I'm super-fucking-impatient.

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  1. word to ya mother. and thanks for the updates! love, texas friends