Friday, July 19, 2013

ICI #2: "It's like a pit of water!"

Yesterday was Day 13-- the first official day of ovulation and the second ICI.  (The theory goes that, since sperm can live in the body for quite some time, it's safe to inseminate before ovulation, especially since, at the latter end of ovulation, cervical mucus turns acidic and kills sperm.  Boo.)  Because ovulation had really kicked in, my os had widened, and suddenly the mucus went from a moderate accumulation to a flood.  Heather was caught between delight and horror: just because it's crucial to conception doesn't make it more glamorous.

The second round was less of a love-making experience, with less emphasis on mood lighting and music and more of a utilitarian approach.  Ass on pillows, knees in the air, and speculum wide.  I played rotisserie chicken-- fifteen minutes on my back, fifteen on my left side, fifteen on my right side-then cooked chicken and asparagus for dinner.  Nothing romantic about it.  Heather said afterwards that, if I got pregnant, it would be from the first insemination.

Today, I had an appointment for a massage, but the gentleman grimaced when I said I might be pregnant, saying that it wasn't safe until I was out of the first trimester.  I appreciated his concern for my health, but my back hurts, goddamn it.  Still, it's the right thing.  Also right, according to the Making Babies plan, is warm food: if you eat something chilly, eat something warm with it.  Salad plus baked potato, for example.  For lunch today, I was going to get some cut-up melon at the grocery store, but had to get a microwave dinner to go with it.  An organic microwave dinner, at that.  I have eaten so much pineapple that my tongue is raw.  Bromelain, they say, is key to implantation.

Heather asked me if I thought I was pregnant.  Aside from the fact that I can't really be pregnant a day after inseminating, I admitted I'm certain that it will stick.  I know better, but I just can't believe, after all the flax oil and green tea and lack of caffeine, that I haven't made this happen.  Heather shoved me around like a wheelbarrow!  What more do the conception gods want?  Again, I know better, but I also know that I will be devastated if it doesn't work.  I know I'll be surprised and heartbroken.  On the upside, I could get a massage.

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