Monday, May 17, 2010

What comes is better than what came before

This weekend finds me in Minnesota for my grandfather's funeral.  It's an awkward occasion because it's family, and family occasions are awkward.  It's also awkward because this is an extremely polite Midwestern family and in the pauses between structured elements like burial, visitation, etc., we make pained smalltalk about my second cousin's one-night layover in Memphis ten years ago.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Working the odds

There's a gas station just up the street from us, where one of the clerks is a Jamaican guy who bugs Heather about how she needs to smile more and another clerk is a homely blond lady who flirts with Heather, too.  I just hear the homely lady talk about spanking her young son, and when I see the Jamaican guy I'm pretty smiley anyhow.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Super Echinacea

Super.  Super echinacea.  "Echinacea" is not even a word my SpellCheck acknowledges, but from the substance's humble beginnings as one of my mom's health cause celebres, it has apparently sped past standard Walgreens supplement status all the way to a pre-conception necessity.
That's what Maia Midwifery says, anyway, and they wrote the bible; I am not going to take it upon myself to argue.  If they sell super echinacea, then Heather will be taking it, along with tea and something called Vitex.  I think there was a a primary... petite?  Something else that she'll be taking.