Monday, April 14, 2014

Skipping the castor oil

So I'm cramping and slowly leaking fluids from my vajay.  The leaking has been going on since about 11:30 on Monday morning, with the cramping coming and going since Monday afternoon.  Yet... not a damn contraction to be had.

Initially, Midwife Amy was enthusiastic (per my comment that there was some blood on the toilet paper, she replied, "AWESOME") but emphatic about my need to sleep in advance of the blessed event. 

Since I'd had no contractions yet, we've got a ways to go, leaving me the opportunity to clean the kitchen, do some laundry, and watch TV.  Heather stayed late at work to finish up some final tasks (including what I would call an ill-advised email across the company to tell them my water had broken), went to the grocery store for provisions, then came home and started cleaning.  I'm not sure if it's more because people are going to be in the house or because the baby is going to be in the house, but, listen, folks, it's clean.

Bear in mind, I'm not stupid enough to tell a lot of people, but it only takes a few texts and phone calls to f*ck up a solid snooze.  I've learned that Heather is not okay with me missing a call or text at any time during the third trimester, and I was pretty sure that after I told her my water seemed to have broken I was not going to get any nap-time exemptions.  Combine that with the animal-control company calling to confirm our appointment for raccoon investigation tomorrow...  I figured I'd catch up on my sleep when Heather was in the house and I could ignore the phone.

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