Saturday, June 16, 2012

Third doughnut, third call

Glazed, sprinkled, and chocolate.  Yes, it was worth it.

I paused my sugar rush to get some Mountain Dew from the car (my co-worker pointed out the irony of doughnuts and diet soda, but that’s how I roll) and took the opportunity to leave a semi-hostile message on the nurses’ voicemail at Dr. King’s office.  It was a follow-up to a call I had from the lady in the records department there, asking if I was referring to labs from May.  No.  No no.  Tuesday, I said.  Three days ago.  Per usual, she was flustered, telling me that all she did was scan paperwork and that she would leave messages for the lab and Dr. King’s nurse.  Because I understand being in a support position with no control of anything that might be important to a customer/patient, I thanked her kindly.  Then I called the main office back to leave a direct message on the nurses’ voicemail.  I might have been pleasant to the records lady, but it doesn’t mean I trust her to deliver messages.

Heather asked me afterwards what the story with the AMH results was.  She was no more surprised than I was about the records lady’s confusion, and I told her that I had left a grumpy message for the nurses.  She frowned.  “No, really.  I was almost grumpy enough to satisfy you.  Not up to your standard, but pretty bitchy.”  I’m not sure that she believed me, but she still seemed reassured.

My grumpiness was exposed as the fraud it was when the nurse called back.  Goddamn it.  She was apologetic and said that she wasn’t sure who would have suggested the results would be available so soon—in fact, she said, it usually takes something like a week.  I felt bad.  I don’t know how Heather does it.

When Marsha at NFC returned my anxious call, she was a lot more mellow than I was.  That’s cool, she said.  We don’t need to do anything just yet.

Dude.  No more calls till the test gets in.  Nobody else needs money.  Heather is having caffeine withdrawal, but we’re handling the antibiotics just fine, and we’ll occupy ourselves with surreptitious baby shopping online.  Sheepies and toyland, trains and giraffes…  I like giraffes.

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  1. Update time?! Friends in Dallas are not asking for money, just news :) fingers crossed