Saturday, April 24, 2010

Literally, just looking

It has been 11 days since I last posted and that is absurd.  It's not like this is work.  It's that I go to work, then I go home with Heather and we talk about work, and I can only direct my laptop energies toward browsing Etsy or, to a limited degree, Facebook.  (I am not going to link Facebook because I know if you're reading a blog-- especially my blog-- you already know about and probably are trying to wean yourself off of it.  Posting a link is like handing out Percocet.)  I'm even terrible at e-mailing my best friend Sarah-- a woman whose recent Tweet that she would share her tax refund with John Cusack to save him from bad movies will remain saved in my phone until, fingers crossed, I have a child who throws it into the toilet-- and there is not much I like better than getting e-mail from her.  Writing just seems like too much.

Today I felt inspired-- partly 'cause I'm at work so writing makes perfect sense and blogging about babies is preferable to pretty much anything I do here-- and partly because I, in an almost work-related pursuit, read in Penelope Trunk's blog about another blog, and that blog turns out to be written by a lesbian mom.  Now, I do not like other people stealing my thunder, so I am not on board with other lesbian blogs, and I followed the link with fists swinging.  Guess what, though?  Her posts are too long.  Too goddamn long.  So I felt better about my own efforts.  No post is better than a boring, dragging, conversation-transcribing one.

This afternoon's transcription here on the Wannabe Lesbian Mom blog is: "Rachel found my cervix last night.  High five!"

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