Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby, I'm howling for you

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and Heather is scheduled for her egg retrieval at 8:45AM. I am excited, and Heather is traumatized.

Monday morning, she had yet another visit to the Memphis clinic for an ultrasound and estrogen test. She had several follicles over 20mm, as well as some stragglers—about nine "measurable" ones in total. You can tell things are getting serious since they're now recording the follicles in centimeters rather than millimeters. All afternoon we waited for news from Nashville about the results: Was it time for the trigger shot? When was the egg retrieval?

In past, it took till the afternoon for the test results to arrive in Nashville, so I occupied my morning with an e-mail to Nurse Jordan. It wasn't so much that I expected her to e-mail back—their office is disappointingly phone-centric—but Heather started spouting out questions and I was afraid I'd forget. Anyway, otherwise it was just empty waiting.

Later I gave in and called. I left a message. (Dude, that would be the best drinking game: sit down with a bottle of Grey Goose and the last six months of this blog, then take a shot every time messages or voicemail are invoked. It's awesome.) Debbie, the receptionist, asked if she could tell Jordan why I was calling; I endeavored not to say The same baby-making bullshit we always talk about. Does it really need to be more specific than that? The options are test results, medications, and treatment plans. There isn't much more to it. The time I asked that the office not specifically refer to Heather as a lesbian when dealing with the Memphis office, the other receptionist got all antsy and said she'd just give the nurse our number.

When I heard back from Jordan, she confirmed that we should go ahead with the trigger shot that night, then come to Nashville for egg retrieval Wednesday. We went over the questions from my e-mail, including:
Q: Do larger follicles mean higher-quality eggs?
A: Nope. A larger follicle might mean the egg is more mature, but it has nothing to do with quality. Quality decreases with age and fattening up the follicles won't change that.
Q: Will you take out all the eggs, or just harvest from the bigger follicles?
A: We will take everything we can get.

The part that caused Heather to be traumatized is something we already knew, but she had either forgotten or blocked out.

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