Friday, July 20, 2012

Prime numbers

Five eggs fertilized.  I don’t know what happened to #6, but the message from the embryology lab said they ICSI’d five and all fertilized.  Having had very iffy luck so far, Heather and I are both over the moon.  We’ll wait till tomorrow to see how the embryos develop, then they’ll make decisions about PGD and whatnot.  Who cares.  We’re enjoying the first good news we’ve had in a while.

Of course, the good luck was tempered by Heather's day-long sojourn at the toilet, vomiting up her morning doxycycline, Wendy's chili, and a variety of other items.  Nurse Jordan dispatched me on an evening Walgreens run to get nausea medications, saying that, if Heather couldn't hold anything down, she would have to go to the ER.  "I don't want to go to the hospital!" said Heather.  She didn't, but she's an exhausting sick person, so I'm optimistic that she has food in her belly again.  

Waiting today for more news about how the embryos are developing.


  1. OMG! I just found your blog and am so thankful you started it. My wife and I are looking into having a baby and while she's done all the research on IVF, I'm the "give me the breakdown in short form and where I can understand" one. I'm so ready to go back and stalk your past post on your movement to this point :) Plain and simple her egg + donor goods = in me in hopes to grow our family <3 I know we are in for a long ride and another couple we talked to says we will be sick of hearing "do this, do that but DON'T STRESS." Finding other couples going through or have gone through the same process seems to be few and far between for us. We are looking at fairfax and the dude we like is out of "goods" and now we are on a waiting list. Seriously, looking through all these profiles is crazy (overwhelming I think would be a better word). Anyway, good to have found your blog and I wish you guys the best.

    1. There's no "don't stress"! There's no way to tangle with your child's genetic material without getting freaked out. The waiting-list business is new to me; I can't believe there's another level of madness to it. Good luck!